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TOP 10 Ideas for SMALL BATHROOMS | Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor | Tips and Trends

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hi guys welcome back to another video if 
you're new here inside akuri today's 
video is about designing a small 
yes small bathrooms can also look 
spectacular if we consider basic design 
principles and concepts that range from 
the colors types of tiles materials 
lying to major details such as faucets 
you guys ask me a lot about small spaces 
this is why today i'll share with you 10 
tips to make a small bathroom look 
larger modern and high-end before 
starting don't forget to subscribe to my 
channel and turn on the notifications 
bell because you can't miss out on the 
upcoming design lessons okay let's start 
with today's video let's start by 
talking about the right colors and 
textures in a small bathroom it's ideal 
to select a light color palette that 
doesn't mean that an all-white bathroom 
is the best and only option you can mix 
and match different tiles however focus 
on using light and soft colors to make 
the bathroom look bigger 
thanks to the fact that light colors 
reflect more light the walls seem to 
recede expanding this space and giving a 
feeling awareness when choosing tiles 
think about the size it's best to select 
big pieces to avoid a lot of grout lines 
large tiles make this space look cleaner 
bigger and more elegant because the 
surfaces look uniform 
speaking of textures and colors my 
second piece of advice is to look for 
uniformity use the same tile in the 
shower as in the rest of the space it 
will appear larger as it doesn't have 
two defined and separated areas 
in small bathrooms i recommend using 
similar colors to guarantee visual 
uniformity for example you can use a 
matte light gray or white tiles for the 
floor and on the walls you can use a 
similar color but with a glossy finish 
or a white marble patterns through 
different textures you can achieve 
contrast subtlety remember that the 
sense of uniformity ties the room 
my third tip is to select a minimalist 
glass partition for the shower area 
glass is a material with serial visual 
your brain understands that it's there 
but it doesn't interpret as a solid 
limit since you can see through it 
opt for minimalist glass partitions 
instead of complex structures or 
this helps maintain uniformity and allow 
us to see the entire space 
making it feel larger 
i recommend simple glass partitions 
without grits 
although they are very nice options in 
small spaces it's better to bet on 
simplicity because it looks cleaner and 
has more visual permeability look at the 
difference in these photos the 
minimalist type partition makes the 
bathroom look much larger 
my next tip is to emphasize and take 
advantage of vertical space especially 
for storage it's common to focus on the 
floor as the primary surface within a 
space but we can also take advantage of 
the vertical surfaces visually in small 
spaces it's essential to emphasize the 
vertical lines to open up the room to 
create a feeling of spaciousness 
an effective way to accomplish this is 
to use your vertical space for starch 
such as open shelving that goes all the 
way to the ceiling which you can use for 
your clean towels or store other things 
you can take advantage of the wall area 
above the toilet to put shelves and use 
it as open storage look at this bathroom 
they have taken advantage of 
that useless space and turn it into open 
shelves that go from floor to ceiling it 
is a functional alternative while 
emphasizing the vertical lines of the 
bathroom a double wing 
look at another clever idea very useful 
and simple this vertical storage 
installed on the wall emphasizes the 
vertical lines while creating more 
surfaces for daily use and adding 
something exciting and authentic to look 
at also take a look at this minimalist 
structure mounted on the ceiling it's 
helpful to store your daily essentials 
and details such as candles or plants it 
doesn't take up space because it's 
mounted on the ceiling and reinforces 
the room's vertical lines 
another great idea is to take advantage 
of the highest area of your walls as a 
storage space because it doesn't 
visually clutter the room look at this 
example they have taken advantage of the 
space above the door and they have used 
it to have clean towels accessible 
the next tip is to use a large mirror a 
mirror is essential in any bathroom 
especially in small spaces because they 
reflect the area and the light 
an excellent idea is opting for one 
large mirror even when you have two 
this unifies the space the bathroom look 
elegant and bigger you can dare to take 
your mirror up to the ceiling in this 
case you might need a customized mirror 
but this is the optimal way to enlarge a 
room take advantage of it and go big 
my following tip is to take care of the 
lighting plan in interior design 
is the secret ingredient a good lighting 
plant gives a modern look and makes this 
space safe and bright which makes it 
feel larger 
don't settle for having a single light 
bulb in the middle of the ceiling this 
is not enough to guarantee pleasant 
aesthetics and functionality consider 
distributing different lighting sources 
into space to get uniform general 
lighting if you are going to build your 
bathroom from scratch i recommend that 
you include architectural lighting you 
can opt for led lines to define your 
space and incorporate them under the 
floating vanity or behind the mirror 
these allow you to brighten up the space 
without having visible lighting 
fractures in case you are not doing a 
deep renovation apart from the ceiling 
light it's convenient to include wall 
lamps in the vanity to have adequate 
lighting to see our face without 
uncomfortable shadows to achieve this 
it's ideal to have lights 
above or on both sides of the mirror 
by the way if you want to learn more 
about lighting design i recommend that 
you watch these two videos where i talk 
about the basic lighting design concepts 
and how to select the best lamps for 
your space i'll leave you the links in 
the description box below my next tip is 
to have hidden compartments 
showing a lot of bottles in your 
bathroom is not attractive it clutters 
the space and makes your bathroom look 
consider having hidden storage to 
declutter the space you can have 
building compartments in the wall or 
take advantage of spaces that are 
useless you can use the area above the 
toilet as vertical storage even better 
if the compartments have a minimalist 
style look at this example they use the 
wall behind the toilet to create hidden 
storage i love that they combined the 
hidden compartments with oven shelving 
it's a functional solution and helps to 
emphasize the vertical lines of that 
space if you don't have space to convert 
it into storage you can opt for mirror 
with hidden compartments these mirrors 
are very functional easy to find in 
stores and you don't need to make a 
you can take advantage of a corner with 
no function to have feelings look at 
this bathroom the customized furniture 
looks like part of the architecture it 
has a very accessible compartment to 
store products also it serves to install 
a wall lamp in the vanity area another 
tip that i want to talk about is to keep 
the bathroom without clutter avoid 
having bottles visible 
each one has different labels colors and 
size which saturates your small bathroom 
an alternative to avoid this is to buy 
modern looking dispensers they are very 
cheap and believe me they make a huge 
also using baskets to hide the bottles 
is an excellent and affordable 
these final details are what make a 
conventional bathroom something 
extraordinary even more if you have 
already invested time effort and money 
in renovating your bathroom so please 
don't ring it with bottles everywhere 
remember that less is more 
another way to make a small bathroom 
look larger is by selecting a flooring 
wall mounted furniture makes the space 
appear larger due to the floating effect 
that allows us to see the limits of the 
it's excellent for efficient use of 
vertical space they look contemporary 
elegant and facilitate cleaning use your 
creativity opt for simple designs that 
can be cheap and beautiful 
you can design your vanity by having a 
customized wooden piece to support your 
sink and putting open shelves with 
baskets below this is very simple and 
budget friendly the contrast between the 
wood the sink on faucet is a luxurious 
another tip that enhances a small 
bathroom is to use wall mounted faucets 
the same guys using vertical space is an 
excellent way to take advantage of a 
small space wall mounted faucets tend to 
have a more minimalist and simpler 
design than the conventional ones which 
makes the bathroom look more uncluttered 
simple and high-end 
these faucets come in different shapes 
colors and finishes that you can use as 
a key element to creating contrast they 
are authentic details that will make 
your small bathroom go from conventional 
to extraordinary remember to observe the 
style and textures you have chosen in 
your bathroom before selecting your 
these details are the use of space and 
should complement the general appearance 
and an extra tip that i want to talk 
about because it gives life and color to 
any bathroom is adding nature nature 
brings movement texture and color to the 
space choose types of plants that are 
easy to maintain 
based on the amount of natural light and 
humidity your bathroom has 
for example you can hang 
potholes or put it in a simple base with 
you can have a few aloe plants on your 
open shelves you will add a green touch 
and have a medicinal plant at home 
if your style is more elegant you can 
opt for orchids which are plants that 
come from tropical areas therefore the 
humidity and heat in the bathroom is not 
a problem 
in short they're to give life and color 
to your bathroom including a medium or 
small plant in any corner you can 
if you have a small spaces i leave you 
multiple links below about this topic 
that will help to make your home appear 
larger guys if you like this video hit 
the like button and don't forget to 
subscribe and turn on the notifications 
bell because you can't miss the upcoming 
videos thanks for watching have a 
beautiful week see you in the next one 

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